Writing is always a solitary pursuit for me. I love the loneliness of it – partly because I can justify so many indulgent rewards after.
I started writing books to pay my way through graduate school in psychology. All were published under pseudonyms to keep my careers separate.
Not any more. All my books will be re-issued shortly under my name – except Until You See Me, which is new and available now.
Why admit to murder? When you think it’s better than what you really did.

Digital Fabulists

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Do we really live once? Transcend from the 23rd Century to Beguine craftswomen in the 13th and...

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In 1980s New York there were no limits, cocaine wasn't addictive, and other fantasies kept us going...

Banned Books, Austin, Texas Semi-Finalist: Chesterfield

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Renegade Hearts, Carolyn Chase - Dell Books, New York
Between the Lines, Roberta Dennis - Silhouette Books, New York
English, Italian, Japanese editions
A Woman of New Orleans, Rochel DeNorre - Banbury-Dell Books, New York
Love Alone, R. Patricia Dillon - Jove Press, New York
Wildfire Woman, Marianna Spring - Dell Books, New York
Minglewood Manor, (ghostwritten) - Zebra Books, New York
The Real Connection, Rachel Desmond - Zebra Books, New York
Rebel in Love, Rochel Denore - Ace Books, New York
An Innocent Heart, Rochel Denore - Ace Books, New York